This site is an opening into a story of a long journey, by design. During it travellers will confront trials to the body and soul, the wrath of the deep, the seduction of images, conflict with the un-makers and the ravages of nihilism, as well as the discovery of new pleasures and friendships.

Those who travel will do so with increasing solidarity and determination as a growing change community. But without any utopian or spatial destination and, in all their difference, journeying toward becoming other than they unsustainably currently are and thus futural.

Odessey is the platform for a lively interdisciplinary discussion on all disciplines and levels of design (both thinking and acting) enabling the re‐alignment of the position of the designer as a cross‐disciplinary radical activist by the agency of ontological design (designing things that design change) towards the creation of another future, a future supporting the sustainment of human existence.

Aims to:

  • Create a community of individuals from diverse backgrounds to lead the discussion of making positive cultural change by redirecting design away from its mode of existence.

You can find and contribute with:

    • Articles and discussions of design, sustainment, and re-direction.
    • A dictionary of concepts related with design and the new practise.
    • Reviews of recommended and related books, websites, articles, magazines etc.
    • Information about forthcoming events and actions towards sustainment, connecting people to events which are local/relevant to their everyday design practices.