Design Philosophy Papers

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The Design Philosophy Papers website is an exceedingly helpful tool for all Design Futurers no matter what stage of the learning process one is at. For the un-inducted it provides a beneficial foundation with papers such as Tony Fry’s ‘Dialectic of Sustainment’ providing the information necessary to begin understanding and embracing concepts such as Sustainment. As the reader gains greater understanding there is a whole plethora of past papers waiting for them, including debates and reviews of books, such as Cameron Tonkinwise’s ‘Review of The Shape of Things: A Philosophy of Design by Vilém Flusser’ . With a wide range of authors regularly contributing the reader becomes exposed and drawn into a range of views, concepts and new thought. Further to this Design Philosophy Papers is not a stale archive; new issues are frequent bringing with them fresh topics and further debate. Recommended reading for all who believe in, or would like to find out more about, the significance of design within the modern world.

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